Medical Transcription


What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription (MT) is an allied health profession which deals in the process of transcribing or converting voice recorded medical reports as dictated my practitioners and physicians into text format. Medical transcription is one of the convenient way for the doctors, group of doctors and hospitals to rely upon professionals who transcribe their dictated practices and procedures and deliver the reports back to them so that they can give it back their clients. The job requires professionals who are extremely well trained on medical terminologies as well as time managers in producing the reports on time.


Who is a medical transcriptionist?

A professional who transcribes physician dictated audio tapes into written text format is called as medical transcriptionist (MT). A medical transcription must be a good listener and must possess patience to understand the procedures and precautionary instructions the practitioners have recorded so that they can type exactly what the doctor meant. The MT’s use devices such as transcribing machines, headsets and a foot pedal (used to play, pause and re play the audio). The medical transcriptionist must have sound knowledge on terms, terminologies, abbreviations and jargons which the medical practitioner may use in his audio tapes. Once the audio tape is crafted with texts; the MT has to send it back to the practitioner for corrective adjustments. These reports are sent back to hospitals and medical center where it will be given back to patients as a medical report. The job needs extremely trained individuals and Austranscript is one such place to have such professionals.

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