Why Us?

Why Us

j Superior transcription service at the most competitive rates

With affordable and competitive rates, we assure you the quality that talks.


c Service delivery within a maximum time duration of 24 hours

In 24 hours turnaround time, we ensure to transcribe, proof read and prototype.


7 Express service within 2 to 3 hours

In case of urgency – We deliver your reports in hours.


9 Electronic delivery of end reports

So that you can finalize your decision and let us know via internet.



Austranscript is one of Australia’s leading medical transcription service known for delivering exceptional service, superior responsiveness, and great value to its clients. With years of experience and know how, we pride in delivering patient’s practice tapes within a turnaround time of twenty four hours. Within this time, we transcribe, poof read, check with accuracy and send our clients a copy for finalizing. What makes us separate from other transcribing services is our ability “to do things right the first time”. Our transcribing service ensures our clients quality output at very affordable price. With dedicated professionals, quality equipments and on time delivery objective we will be your right choice. With highest experienced staff and great knowledge management; we will be the perfect solution for your medical transcription needs.